2021-11 Contest Control System (CCS) specification

This branch contains the 2021-11 CCS specification for interoperability between different contest control systems and tools that interact with them. These specifications have been designed and used in the context of the ICPC World Finals and various (sub)regionals, but they are meant to be useful outside the ICPC context as well.

The following specifications are present:

  • Contest Control System requirements for the ICPC World Finals
  • Contest API: an API specification for accessing information provided by a CCS.
  • Contest Archive Format: a format closely related to the Contest API for storing contest information on disk.

This is the 2021-11 release of the CCS specification. Other versions of the CCS specifications are available here.

Changes compared to the 2020-03 version

These are the main changes made since the 2020-03 version:

  • decimal types are removed.
  • Images can now also be SVG.
  • Introduced a notification format that replaces the current event feed format and added support for webhooks.
  • Added generic support for filtering on fields with type ID.
  • Addded support for scoring contests.
  • Added location to a contest.
  • Added entry point information, extensions and compiler/runner command objects to languages.
  • Added a uuid field to problems.
  • Added group scoreboards and removed hidden from the groups endpoint.
  • Added country flags to organizations.
  • Added a hiden field to teams.
  • Merged first_name and last_name of team members into name and added email.
  • Added support for POST and PUT on submissions.
  • Added support for POST on clarifications.
  • Added support for POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE on awards.
  • Added commentary endpoint.